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Appunti del comandante della ricognizione

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Appunti del comandante della ricognizione
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Oggetto comune
Altri oggetti
Bandit camp southeast of Est Tayiar
Prezzo base
1 corone
0 Peso

Dal diario[modifica | modifica wikitesto]

Pitched camp in the ruins of the observation towers, as M. ordered. Hope we won’t have to sit here long.
[margin note] IMPORTANT: Brenn lost 200 crowns to me at gwent, but has no coin on him – need to take it out of his next share of the loot.
Boring as fuck. Been sitting here eight days now, and naught's happened. Besides that one grain caravan, which we raided, sending the merchants off running in only their unspeakables. Hope to high heavens they’ll transfer us somewhere more interesting quick, because here every man jack of us is near about off his nut with boredom.