Appunti di un alchimista

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Appunti di un alchimista
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Oggetto comune
Caverna northeast of Novigrad, guarded by a Golem
Prezzo base
1 corone
0 Peso

These notes are found on one of two skeletons, along with some Stivali da condottieremaster)[[Stivali da condottiere ( and a Pietra runica Zoria minore.

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Jester had one task. ONE. To write incantations on the ribbons used in creating the golem. And what did he do? He made a dog's dinner of it, of course – and as a result, instead of a guard we have a murderer walking our lab. And I asked, "Did you double check the incantations?" "oh, aye, yessiree." "Are you sure?" "Sure as shooting, aye." And yet the results prove otherwise. To think that I could have had one of my students do it instead of that imbecile...
We've barricaded ourselves in, but he'll get us, it's only a matter of time. At least I can dull the horror of my last minutes with fisstech – prime quality stuff, at that. We would have garnered top coin for it... had Jester not been a complete, and probably illiterate, idiot. Well, guess I didn't have many years left in me anyways, and better to go out with a bang than to die slowly in a hospital. So I suppose it's va faill, cruel world!