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Appunti di un carcerato
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On body in the Rovine della prigione di Bastoy.
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These notes are found in some skeletal remains at the very center of the Rovine della prigione di Bastoy.

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The guards understand nothing. They have locked me in here and believe that means it is all over. Yet it goes on. To those who enter this world through my head, stone walls are no barrier. They shall continue to do those horrible things to men, yet this time the blame shall not be mine.
I hear now the sound of falling drops of water. Each splash against the stone is like a pounding on the doors of my head. I know I cannot keep them behind those doors for long. They know that as well. Soon I will once again hear their mocking laughter, their ridicule.
The spoon shall come in handy – I have rubbed my hand along its handle so long, it feels a part of my flesh. Now I shall bar shut the doors to my head once and for all.