Appunti di un condannato a morte

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Appunti di un condannato a morte
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Under a wooden plank in the Rovine della prigione di Bastoy.
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These notes are found hidden under a wooden plank, northeast of the Tesoro nascosto marker.

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The sun is now rising. I shall make use of its light to write this letter before they come to take me to the gallows. I do not know who shall read it, or indeed if anyone shall. Perhaps I am writing only to myself, to cast this out before my execution and cleanse my heart.
Yes, I killed him. Until now I have lied in an attempt to avoid punishment. I still believe he deserved death for what he did to me. Did I do wrong? Perhaps. Yet he was most assuredly a bad man, one who deserved death. The gods shall make the final judgment and they shall deliver the sentences – mine and his.
I hear the guards’ steps. May the gods watch over my soul.