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Biglietto bagnato

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Biglietto bagnato
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Contiene informazioni utili.
Oggetto comune
Bottino along with the guarded treasure west of Costa dei Naufragi
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This note is found along with some Fiorini near the Tesoro sorvegliato due west of the Costa dei Naufragi fast travel marker. It is guarded by drowner.

Dal diario[modifica | modifica wikitesto]

Dear Vessy,
We couldn't afford to pay for ourselves and Patrick, so we've sent the young lad to you. I know things're tough your way, too, that you've three tykes of your own – so know that if I didn't have to, I'd not ask this of you. But here in Velen... well, you wouldn't believe it if I told you.
Please take care of Patrick like your own son. We'll come back for him soon as the war's over. A thousand thanks.
P.S. Patrick's got a sack of coin in his bags – enough to pay his guide what we agreed on. You shouldn't have to add anything of your own.
P.P.S. Patrick's afraid of the dark. If you can, leave a candle burning by his bed.