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Biglietto trovato nelle fogne
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On the ground in Oxenfurt left of gate, deeper into the lower sewers.
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Had enough of washing up and sweeping up, world without end? Bored of sucking dry bread and boiling cabbage? Your back aching to high heavens from night after night sleeping on the floor? Change your life, right now! Become a princess!
Sleep on a mountain of pillows atop one tiny pea! Have a gilded carriage and handsome coachman at your beck and call! And as many slippers as you care to lose! All as if by the wave of a magic wand!
Perrault and Sons, Co., is proud to offer its services as matrimonial intermediaries. We guarantee a personal meeting with a becursed prince*. And this month only, enjoy a special reduced price!
*Perrault and Sons, Inc. bears no responsibility in the case of loss of life or health during said meeting.