Cimitero di Orlémurs

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Cimitero di Orlémurs
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Blood and Wine
Zona meridionale di Hauteville, fuori dalla Porta di Lebioda

Il cimitero di Orlémurs è il secondo cimitero di Hauteville, costruito fuori dalle mura cittadine, nell'espansione Blood and Wine. Qui vengono sepolti gli abitanti più poveri della città.

Missioni associate[modifica | modifica sorgente]

Epitaffi[modifica | modifica sorgente]

Un gran numero delle persone qui sepolte, compresi i loro epitaffi, sono easter egg. La maggior parte sono riferimenti a membri dello staff di CD Projekt RED che hanno partecipato allo sviluppo di The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (qui indicati come Persona reale includendo il loro ruolo). Vi sono, tuttavia, anche riferimenti ad altri media.

  • Agness Bedd'narska
    Always graceful and elegant in bawling out bumblers and blowhards.
Persona reale: Agnieszka Bednarska
Ruolo: Junior Project Manager in Blood and Wine
  • Alessandro Boretti
    The most famous Beauclairois in all Redania
Persona reale: Alexandre Boiret
Ruolo: Localization Management, Quest Designer
  • Alexandre le Bien-Aimé
    Died while attempting to rob Jacob the woodcutter
  • Amélie Colat
    Came from far-off Azeroth and died during a hanse’s raid
Persona reale: Amelia Kołat
Ruolo: Additional QA, Customer Service Representative, Technical Support Specialist
Notes: "Azeroth" is a reference to the MMORPG World of Warcraft, being the name of the world in which the game takes place.
  • Antoine Suprême
    Joined one fight too many...
  • Arcadius Borovique
    Actor, singer, ladies’ man
    One day folk just couldn’t take it anymore
Persona reale: Arkadiusz Borowik
Ruolo: Writer
Notes: Situated in the main crypt of cimitero di Mère-Lachaiselongue is a sarcophagus with another reference to him under the name of "Arkadius Borovvik".
  • Arnaud Hapenique
    This dangerous killer long evaded the law.
    Died in prison, convicted of tax evasion.
Persona reale: Arnold Haponik
Ruolo: Game QA, Living World Designer
Notes: A murderer evading the law, being imprisoned for tax evasion refers to the well-known American gangster Al Capone.
  • Bartolomé de Hautemain
    Died searching for the Promised Land
  • Blaise Augustin
    Stared at the stars once too often
Persona reale: Błażej Augustynek
Ruolo: Quest Designer
  • Boris Pugnace-Moral-Fétiche
Persona reale: Borys Pugacz-Muraszkiewicz
Ruolo: Lead English Writer, English Adaptation Director
Notes: In the Polish version, the inscription says "Wieśmin", which is a bastardization of "Wiedźmin" (the Polish word for "Witcher"). The English version works out nicely.
  • Caroline Satire
    ”Just what don’t you f***ing understand, you f***ing c**?!” she said to her cat when it refused to fetch a stick, working her into a fatal rage
  • Casspar Niepockoolchynsky
    "Hm, I don't understand, what's the problem here? You ask me, in my opinion, when you look at it from this angle, it's not half bad."
Persona reale: Kacper Niepokólczycki
Ruolo: Environment Artist
  • Christian Currit
    Mistranslation, misunderstanding, misfortune
Persona reale: Travis Currit
Ruolo: English Translation
  • Christophe Ch'oo
    Traveled from Thedas to the Continent. Found it so much to his liking, he stayed until he died
Persona reale: Kris Cho
Ruolo: Cinematic Design
Notes: "Thedas" is a fictive continent and setting of the Dragon Age game series.
  • Damien Moumoute
    Killed by some fellow named Bill
  • David Triage
    Died as he lived – quietly
  • Dominique Gonché
    Slave driver
    Fell during an uprising of her "charges"
Persona reale: Dominika Gonsierowska
Ruolo: Senior Quest and Story Producer
Notes: Located on cimitero di Mère-Lachaiselongue is another tombstone referring to her by the name of "Dominique Gonsierovsky".
  • Fennix Devy'ant
    Hannya Qubbyack
    Pierre Framboise
    Together they lived, together they created and together they died.
Persone reali: Felix Tievant, Hanna Kubiak, Piotr Malinowski
Ruolo: Sound Designer
  • Gaspard de la Nuit
    Perished suddenly and unexpectedly
"Gaspard de la nuit" è un'opera per pianoforte costituita da tre movimenti di Maurice Ravel, che si ispira ad altrettante poesie di Aloysius Bertrand.
  • Gavroche
    Fell to the ground
"Gavroche" è il nome di un giovane parigino nel romanzo di Victor Hugo Les Misérables.
  • Grégoire l'Avare
    Stabbed by an unsatisfied customer
Persona reale: Grzegorz Arwar
Ruolo: Customer Service Representative, Technical Support Specialist
  • Grégoire le Semeur
    Taken too soon to the city of night
  • Jean-Luc Picard
    Great commander
    Even greater man
Jean-Luc Picard è un personaggio fittizio nell'universo di Star Trek.
  • Julie Voleseine
    Really, really wanted that little panther...
  • L'Hirondelle
    Princess from a land far across the seas
"Hirondelle" è francese per "rondine". Il nome di Ciri nella Parlata Antica, "Zireael", significa "rondine". Dunque questa tomba è dedicata a lei.
  • Luc le Chanceux
    Professional cattle wrangler
  • Madeleine Ziche
    Died hunched over her ledger, muttering, "Just one more table"
Persona reale: Magdalena Zych
Ruolo: Writer in Blood and Wine
Note: nel cimitero di Mère-Lachaiselongue c'è un'altra tomba a che si riferisce a lei con il nome di "Magdallena Zy'yh".
  • Marquis de Daniche
    "Wait, wait, I can explain everything..."
Persona reale: Danisz Markiewicz
Ruolo: Quest Designer
  • Martin Blanche
    Head of the Beauclair League of Bards
  • Martin Calicot
    Killed by his own ambition
  • Mathieu Thomas
    Died while playing cards
Persona reale: Mateusz Tomaszkiewicz
Ruolo: Lead Quest Designer
  • Matthias Douda
    Kind-hearted to friends, vicious to enemies
Persona reale: Maciej Duda
Ruolo: Quest Designer
  • Matthias l'Inutile
    Came to Beauclair penniless.
    Died a rich man’s death.
  • Michel Madeille
    Fought battles on many fronts, but returned to croak in his homeland’s bosom
Persona reale: Marek Madej
Ruolo: Concept Artist
  • Michel Tauste
    Architect of the impossible
Persona reale: Miles Tost
Ruolo: Level Designer
  • Nicolas Suède
    "C’mon, one more for the road!"
Real person: Mikołaj Szwed
Ruolo: Senior Localization Producer
  • Neimak Nap
    Mortuus Quia Dolor Ani
The Latin translates to: "Died of pain in the anal area."
  • Pablo Cy'emyenevsky
    Corrected people often. Too often, as it turns out
Persona reale: Paweł Ciemniewski
Ruolo: Polish Voiceover Editing in Blood and Wine
  • Pablo Markovky
    Died of a professional error – gorged on poisonous plants
Persona reale: Paweł Markowski
Ruolo: Gameplay Programmer
  • Pablo Sabb'ick
    Knight and handyman
    There was no foe he couldn’t unseat nor door he couldn’t fix
  • Patrick Moulins
    Talked himself to death.
Persona reale: Patrick K. Mills
Ruolo: Quest Designer
  • Paul de Saxe
    Died at his post
  • Philippe Tisserand
    Collector of witcher blades (only had one, but tried very hard)
Persona reale: Philipp Weber
Ruolo: Quest Designer, Living World Designer
Notes: "Tisserand" is French for "weaver", meaning "Weber" in German.
  • Pierre "Maybe" and Alexandra "Perhaps"
    Barely knew each other, and their love was all the deeper for it
  • Pierre the Crooked Nose
    Steward of stewards
Persona reale: Piotr Krzywonosiuk
Ruolo: Lead Producer, Executive Producer
Notes: "Crooked Nose" is referring to the literal translation of his last name. The Polish "krzywy" means "crooked", "nos" stands for "nose".
  • Prémec Savini
    Died during a hunger strike
  • Raphaël de Jean
    "The new recruits always march in the front lines."
Persona reale: Rafał Jankowski
Ruolo: Quest Designer
  • Sarah Fauconnier
    "Don’t drink that!"
  • Thomas Carotte
    Always wanted to come to his own funeral – and did
Persona reale: Tomasz Marchewka
Ruolo: Writer
Note: "Marchewka" è polacco per "carota", "carotte" in francese. Al cimitero di Mère-Lachaiselongue c'è un'altra tomba che si riferisce a lui con il nome "Tomash Marchevkin".
  • Tomas Moreau, professor
    Ellas k'havani allder aen Dol Naev'de, ellas allder n'corrason. Glorsann a'Aelirenn.
Tomas Moreau was a professor, doing research on genetics. Geralt finds his laboratory in the course of the quest "Affrontare l'ignoto". The character itself is a reference to H. G. Wells' novel The Island of Doctor Moreau.
The inscription in Parlata Antica translates to: "Salvation lies not in the Valle del Nine, but in our hearts. Glory be to Aelirenn."

Note[modifica | modifica sorgente]

  • Il nome del cimitero è una storpiatura del francese "hors les murs", che significa semplicemente "fuori le mura".

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