Diario di Julia Kenyon

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Diario di Julia Kenyon
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Julia's hut in Oltremura
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We sold the artifacts we acquired during our last expedition at the Hraki Bazaar in Cidaris. Made only a modest profit, but a profit all the same.
Dicker has came across information about a purported elven treasure hoard said to be hidden in the sewers beneath Isola del Tempio. To my thinking these rumors might very well be true. After all human cities, Novigrad included, were built on elven foundations. So why should we not search for elven treasure beneath its streets? If but a tenth of what the tales say is true, this hoard contains enough riches to last us to the end of our days.
Today is the first of Feainn. We are setting out. Our party consists of Rian, Dicker, Maxi, Miko and me.
The entrance to the underground passages was protected by an illusion. Luckily Miko was able to dispel it. There truly must be something of value down here. We shall descend deeper.
This does not look like a treasury. It is rather some sort of hospital. Or a laboratory.
[after this point the entries are chaotic, with many blots and incomplete words] A massacre, I... Only I... Could do nothing - the others... Dead, all! The elves, that was their laboratory, and... What we saw... It... He...
I cannot sleep for the umpteenth night in a row. I see them all whenever I close my eyes - Rian, Dicker, Maxi, Miko... This insomnia is killing me. And that symbol... That cat... It stares at me...
Here kitty kitty kitty!