Diario di Moreau

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Diario di Moreau
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In chest in room to be opened via hidden mechanism in Moreau's quarters at the Rovine di Forte Ussar
Cellars beneath Castello di Monte Gru
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There are two copies of this journal, in two different locations.

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12 September 1121
I’ve received confirmation Jerome has arrived and is staying at Fort Ussar. I am so giddy with anticipation I cannot continue my work. Yet I must try to calm myself and see through my plan.
13 September 1121
He arrived quite unexpectedly, right after dusk! He has changed a great deal – he is thin, wiry, all covered in scars. He was, of course, furious I brought him here under false pretexts, but what choice did I have? One day he will be a father himself and then he will understand what drives me.
I opened a portal in my study and brought Jerome to my lab. In doing so I exhausted my activation crystal, but luckily I have a spare. I gave the lad some time to think things over, for I’d rather do all this with his willing participation. Meanwhile I shall prepare the apparatus. I’ve a feeling I’ll need to replace the table’s old leather straps.