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Fogli bruciati

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Fogli bruciati
Tw3 burned papers.png
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Oggetto comune
Altri oggetti
Old woman's house outside Villaggio di Bianco Frutteto
Prezzo base
1 corone
0 Peso

These papers were left behind in the oven of the old woman's house.

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Dal diario[modifica | modifica wikitesto]

(...) and when you arrange to meet, you fucking show up! I did, risking my life and the entire blasted operation, and ended up standing there with my ploughing cock in my hands, waiting for nothing. (...) I thought the Nilfgaardian army was better organized than that, but you [illegible]... Tell that blessed Lord General of yours that me and my companions don't hold grudges, so we won't break off negotiations. But since our old plan's gone tits-up, this time we'll choose the time and place for the next meeting (...)