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Grotte di Tulasens

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Base di hanse Grotte di Tulasens
Tw3 baw tulasens caves.jpg
Blood and Wine
Colline della Gorgone, northwest of Tana delle Volpi.
Fuoco di segnalazione Armaiolo (Grotte di Tulasens) Tw3 icon grindstone.svg Tavolo dell'armaiolo

Le Grotte di Tulasens are a far-reaching cave system that can be accessed via a bandit camp near a small river in the Blood and Wine expansion. These caves can also be accessed by a metal gate, that initially is locked though.

The caves also hide a Hanse base controlled by Loth Mezzosangue, until Geralt liberates them. Only then will an armaiolo appear.

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In Loth's caged-off quarters:

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