La storia di Ciri: Il Re dei Lupi

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Missione principale
"La storia di Ciri: Il Re dei Lupi"
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Missione principale
Livello suggerito
Sud-Est di Lindenvale
100 Punti esperienza guadagnati alla difficoltà "Spada in pugno!"
Collegato con
Il Barone Sanguinario
Affari di famiglia

La storia di Ciri: Il Re dei Lupi è una missione principale in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Obiettivi[modifica | modifica sorgente]

  • Follow the riverbed and find help
  • Kill the wolves
  • Follow Gretka
  • Protect Gretka from the wolves
  • Protect Gretka from the wolves
  • Gather wolfsbane (3)
  • Gather fool's parsley (2)
  • Kill the werewolf

Dal diario[modifica | modifica sorgente]

Fleeing the monsters of Crookback Bog, Ciri arrived at a dried up branch of the Pontar.
While trekking up the former riverbed, Ciri came across a girl named Gretka. The child spoke in a quivering voice of a fearsome Wolf King, who, in a twist straight out of a spine-tingling ballad, prowled the very path they needed to travel.
The Wolf King, it turned out, was in truth a common werewolf. Ciri slew it, but sustained a wound in the battle. A village whom the werewolf had been threatening just before Ciri intervened thanked her for saving his live and offered to take her and Gretka to Crow's Perch, where the baron would feed them and tend to their wounds.

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