Le bande di Novigrad

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Missione secondaria
"Le bande di Novigrad"
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Missione secondaria
Livello suggerito
200 Punti esperienza guadagnati alla difficoltà "Spada in pugno!" / 300 corone
Collegato con
Sulle tracce di Junior
Il tesoro del Conte Reuven
Occhio per occhio

Le bande di Novigrad è una missione secondaria in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Dal diario[modifica | modifica sorgente]

When Geralt entered the Novigrad bathhouse, he happened to walk in on a meeting of the head of the city's criminal underworld. Becoming an unwitting participant in their conversation, he learned of the conflict between the triumvirate made up of the King of Beggars, Sigi Reuven and Carlo "Cleaver" Varese on the one hand, and Whoreson Junior and the unknown powers backing him on the other. Cleaver in particular wanted Whoreson gone and offered Geralt help in finding and getting to the bastard, which suited Geralt's interests. They say hands aplenty make the light work, and Geralt had every reason to believe this applied to gang warfare as much as it did to cleaning a barn, so he graciously accepted the gangster's offer.
Geralt did not find Whoreson during his search with Cleaver's men, but do not think his time was wasted. The witcher smashed his way through a fair number of public mingling spaces and slaughtered a great many armed men of diverse social backgrounds, gaining in the doing a unique look at the complications of daily life in the Novigrad underworld. Enriched with this knowledge, Geralt continued his search for Whoreson alone.

Obiettivi[modifica | modifica sorgente]

  • Think over Cleaver's offer to help you find Whoreson Junior
  • Talk to Cleaver
  • Meet with his henchmen and wreck the casino and arena
  • Return to Cleaver

Note[modifica | modifica sorgente]

It is necessary to follow this quest all the way through before branching off to one of the related quests. In particular, players should not follow the Get Junior questline while working for Cleaver! (The "Get Junior" quest is updated during this quest causing the quest tracker to suddenly switch to this questline.)

  • Geralt should meet Cleaver's henchmen and do as it was agreed. You may need to look around for them, e.g. when about to visit the arena.
  • If Geralt enters the arena without meeting the dwarven bandits, he will not get the full reward from Cleaver, even if he later joins the fighting dwarves and wrecks the casino, too.
  • The quest will fail if the player does not talk to Cleaver.
  • The quest will fail if the player talks to Radovid and Vernon.

Video[modifica | modifica sorgente]