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Lettera di addio di Neil Poiré

Da Witcher Wiki.
Lettera di addio di Neil Poiré
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Contiene informazioni utili.
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On hanged body at a guarded treasure site southeast of Taverna della Cockatrice.
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1 corone
0 Peso

This letter can be found on Neil Poiré's hanged corpse, along with 322 corone, componenti di creazione, and a diagram for Stivali del capitano della guardia ducale di Toussaint.

Dal diario[modifica | modifica sorgente]

Now I know. Life is perfect.
Life is excellent.
Life is full of magic, beauty, possibility.
And drama
And surprises
Numerous surprises
You, Father, are also in for a surprise
You did not wish for your son to become an actor
You chose another home for him– the army
So your son has a surprise for you:
His feet will never touch the ground again
He will never again taste life’s beauty
And you, Father, soon you must
Reach up to your son’s hanging corpse
And take the sack full of crowns for which you sold his life
to butchers
Neil Poiré