Racconti della Caccia Selvaggia

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Racconti della Caccia Selvaggia
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Ermellino's laboratory in Fortezza di Kaer Trolde
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One copy of this book can be found in Ermion's laboratory in Fortezza di Kaer Trolde.

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(...) The island fold of Skellige, like many nations of the North, hold a series of beliefs about the Wild Hunt as recorded in legends, myths and fables. This horrifying phenomenon is said to herald the coming of war and misfortune. Characteristic of their tales, and distinguishing them from their continental versions, is that the islanders imagine the Wild Hunt not as a cavalcade of wraiths galloping across the night sky, but as a ghostly longship. The vessel, called the Naglfar, is said to be built of "the claws of dead men." For this very reason, superstitious Skelligers removing the nails from their dead, expressly to prevent them from being used to fortify this ghastly ship. In many legends the Naglfar sails out of Morhogg – the land of chaos (...)