Rapina a mano armata

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Missione secondaria
"Rapina a mano armata"
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Missione secondaria
Livello suggerito
Capanna a Sud-Est di Rannvaig
25 Punti esperienza guadagnati alla difficoltà "Spada in pugno!" / ?? corone

Rapina a mano armata è una missione secondaria in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Obiettivi[modifica | modifica sorgente]

  • Knock on the door and check on the inhabitants of the house

Dal diario[modifica | modifica sorgente]

Life on the Path is full of surprises. One day, a milkmaid's offering you a warm mug straight from the cow. The next, you're helping drag a merchant's wagon out of the muck. Other times, you witness thugs raiding a house. The last happened to Geralt while he was wondering across Ard Skellig.
The bandits Geralt defeated had been sent by Madman Lugos, the eternal enemy of jarl Crach an Craite. The people living in the home they were attacking were loyal to the an Craite clan and announced they would go to their jarl for help, warning Geralt to beware Lugos' wrath before they went.