Rapporto del camerlengo sulla liberazione della tenuta Cutterin

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Rapporto del camerlengo sulla liberazione della tenuta Cutterin
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Report on Knight Errantry Activities in the Duchy of Toussaint #39/g/21/ul/1271
By decision of the ducal camerlengo, full and unfettered access to the Cutterin Manor (an administrative unit in the Sansretour Valley) has now been restored. Said manor had previously been declared a “Site Hazardous to the Health and/or Life of All Who Visit” on request of the brother-in-law of its current owners, a certain Monsieur Eduard de Mouton, his Crest a Fox Cub. Above-mentioned designation was based on reports of monstrous presences on the lands of said estate, inferred to be due to a lurking leshen.
As a result of the professional intervention of the witcher known as Geralt, the danger has been vanquished and the monster deemed a spriggan (W3 classification: relict.) The extermination was carried out using a legally registered silver sword.
The standard pay for the completion of such a task was lowered by 21% to take into account tribute exacted for the sustenance of mutilated veterans and payment made immediately in species.