Rapporto del camerlengo sulla liberazione di Villa Vadette

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Rapporto del camerlengo sulla liberazione di Villa Vadette
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Report on Knight Errantry Activities in the Duchy of Toussaint #81/g/21/ul/1271
Villa Vedetta and its adjacent lands of a viticultural nature are henceforth deemed Fit for Public Use, having been cleansed of all “vandaguilders” (colloquial term for criminals plying the plunder trade) through the armed intervention of a resident of Rivia named Geralt, a monster exterminator by trade. All indications suggest the deceased were associated with the “hanse” (colloquial term for the type of criminal organization sometimes called a “vandaguild”) led by a certain Antoine Straggen which had been conducting operations of a looting and pillaging nature in the area.
The standard reward for the completion of such a task was paid immediately and in species. In consideration of the great social benefit of this act (the owner being the ducal treasury), no tax was charged for this service.