Scolopendromorfi, l'unico conforto nell'esilio

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Scolopendromorfi, l'unico conforto nell'esilio
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Reading this book adds bestiary entries for Scolopendra gigante. It can be purchased from the Camerlengo ducale.

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(…) Dearly have I paid for my wrongs. Being exiled from the beautiful deserts and steppes of Ofier to this hideous green country, where all the scents and flavors are so intense they make me sick, fills my heart with sorrow and regret.
My only comfort seems to be a small colony of scolopendros (or, more scientifically speaking – scolopendromorphs), here referred to as giant centipedes, living in the vicinity of my hut. These wonderful creatures, the sight of which reminds me of home, have most likely chosen this area to settle in because of the presence of shaelmaars, whose droppings constitute the food of smaller animals, which, in turn, are consumed by scolopendros. Sometimes I sneak up on them when they are feeding and admire their hooked limbs, mandibles so sturdy they seem made of iron, and chitinous thoraces shiny enough to let one to gaze upon one's reflection…