Segheria (Bianco Frutteto)

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Disambig.png Questo articolo riguarda the location in the Bianco Frutteto region. Per the abandoned site on Ard Skellig, vedi Segheria (Ard Skellig).
West of la capanna di Tomira
Bianco Frutteto
Punto di viaggio rapido Mercante (Segheria di Bianco Frutteto) Tw3 icon grindstone.svg

Punto di viaggio rapidoSito abbandonato

La Segheria is a location in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. When Geralt first finds this place it was abandoned and infested by ghoul, but as soon as he kills them, people began to return and bring the place back to life. Aside from being a place for cutting wood, it also has a house with a broken roof, a pen with no livestock, a well that has a beehive, and a single cote. The place is surrounded by trees, most notably trees that have beehives, and is also prone to the occasional aggressive lupi that hunt nearby. Many peasants work and reside here — a few of whom thank Geralt for clearing the place of the monsters — as well as a mercante who sells herbs.

To the north lies the guarnigione, nearby east lies Tomira's home, south lies a small Nilfgaardian camp, and southwest the road to Vizima.

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Bianco Frutteto non è celebre solo per la sua frutta, ma anche per il legname di eccelsa qualità che proviene dal Bosco della Volpe.

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