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Usage instructions[modifica sorgente]

{{Quote|quoted text|attribution|fonte|external source url|optional display text for url}}

Notes[modifica sorgente]

  • The quoted text must be specified first and will appear enclosed in large quote symbols.
  • The attribution field must be specified. Please insert link brackets for relevant terms in this section if linking is desired.
  • The next two fields are mutually exclusive:
    • The source section is automatically internally linked. If the source field is used, then the external source url cannot be used.
    • If an external link is required, then use the fourth variable. If the external source url field is used, then the source cannot be used.

Examples[modifica sorgente]

For a plain quote with an attribution, use: {{Quote|quoted text|attribution}}


quoted text
― attribution

For a quote with an internally linked source, use: {{Quote|quoted text|attribution|fonte}}


quoted text
― attribution[src]

For a quote with an externally linked source, use: {{Quote|quoted text|attribution|http://www.site.com}}


quoted text
― attribution http://www.site.com

For a quote with an externally linked source and different display text, use: {{Quote|quoted text|attribution|http://www.site.com optional display text for url}}


quoted text
― attribution optional display text for url

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